Catching up - Dragonette, Tatomer, Tensley, Liquid Farm

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Catching up - Dragonette, Tatomer, Tensley, Liquid Farm

Postby Steve Anderson » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:30 pm

Can’t remember the last time I went two days without wine, let alone two weeks. A nasty stomach bug kept me down and just wouldn’t let me back up. All is well now and time to catch up on a few Santa Barbara County wines from before/after my brief hiatus.

2010 Dragonette Sauvignon Blanc Santa Ynez Valley. Brought to Idyllwild and shared with friends over dinner. They recognized the bottle, as we had shared the Happy Canyon version with them in Palm Springs a couple of months ago. Not as big or as deep a profile as the Happy Canyon, but still an extremely good Sauv Blanc. Crisp, light, great with food. Didn’t take notes, but recall wonderful melon, lemon, peach with some minerals. I can’t praise the Dragonette Sauv Blancs enough. Picked up a couple of the long-aged 2010 Sauv Blancs, so have that to look forward to over the summer.

2008 Tensley Turner Vineyard Syrah. Consumed with friends in Idyllwild. I was initially disappointed when I realized this was the Turner, as I could have sworn I had pulled my favorite 2007 Tensley Colson Canyon Syrah from the wine cabinet. My disappointment quickly faded. Wow this was good. Even on pop and pour, beautiful Syrah profile of blackberry/blueberry with a healthy dose of my favorite meat/bacon flavors with just the right hint of pepper. With six at dinner, I didn't get a chance to revisit my initial glass.

2005 Lillian Syrah. Also brought to Idyllwild, but didn’t get to drink due to my “tummy troubles”. Left the bottle with friends, who, needless to say, loved it. I’ve had at least four bottles of this wine so I knew it would go over well. It was my last, but fortunately this one is still available on the secondary market and highly recommended. White Hawk vineyard fruit.

2010 Tatomer Grüner Veltliner. Ok, I’ll have to put an asterisk by this one. Although Graham Tatomer is based in Santa Barbara County, the grapes for this one are from Paragon Vineyard in Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo County. Had this off the list at Lukshon in Culver City for our Anniversary dinner (28th!) on Saturday. Hadn’t had this previously, but had several of Graham’s Rieslings so knew this was a safe bet at $27 off the list. Didn’t disappoint. Crisp, dry, great flavor profile and paired well with a variety of southeast Asian small plates. Highly recommended at $20 retail. Saw a post that Lukshon apparently took 50 of the 100 cases made.

2011 Liquid Farm Rosé. I have loved the two LF Chards, but this was my first time with the Rosé. Wow. Really enjoyed this. Reminded me a lot of the 2010 Bedrock Ode to Lulu. Similar color, composition (Mourvedré) and Tempier/Bandol style profile and minerality. Great food wine and also fun to sip on its own on a hot day. 12.5%. Fabulous rosé and a nice buy at about $24*. *(Corrected typo from original post)


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Re: Catching up - Dragonette, Tatomer, Tensley, Liquid Farm

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:23 am

Steve, so glad you are feeling better!! Of all things...a stomach bug?!

Just had the Dragonette SB at the tasting room...amazing. Love that stuff.

Walked by Tensley's tasting room Sunday and realized, I haven't had his wines in a loooong time. I gotta get over there!

I'm so jealous you had Graham's G.V. I've been reminding myself to get my hands on that stuff. What a killer price too!!

Had the Liquid Farm rose twice this weekend...what a killer rose. So lean and focused...amazing.
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Re: Catching up - Dragonette, Tatomer, Tensley, Liquid Farm

Postby LiquidFarm » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:31 pm

Thanks Steve! Super stoked you dug the Rose!!
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