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Another SB Co Riesling to Look For?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:02 pm
by Steve Anderson
Riesling is on the rise in SB County.

Saw a Tweet from Jasmine Hirsch about a Riesling from Santa Ynez that piqued my interest, the 2010 Dr. Klapper Spätlese Halbtrocken. I've obviously seen Rieslings from SBCo, but Spätlese Halbtrocken? Those in the area probably figured out the Klapper connection already, but I had to Google to find that it is from Josh Klapper at Le Fenêtre. Here is a link to Josh's notes on the 2011: and his newsletter note:
Let’s start with the Riesling. 2011 was my second try, and we hit the nail on the head. As with the 2010, this is an example made in the style of the great German Riesling from the Mosel. Slightly off dry, the 2011 Dr. Klapper Riesling, Spätlase-Halbtrocken comes from the Kick-On vineyard located near Los Alamos. Super high acid at harvest, and a long, cold fermentation made a balanced with just a touch of residual sugar. "

What caught my eye when I expanded the photo of the label....Alc 9.5%

Grapes are from Kick On Ranch vineyard, which also sources nice Rieslings from Graham Tatomer and Ojai Ranch.

Anyone tried this yet?