Recent Wines (Lato, Dragonette, Jonata, Chanin)

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Recent Wines (Lato, Dragonette, Jonata, Chanin)

Postby Steve Anderson » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:18 pm

Catching up on some recent SB wines, before, during and after Labor Day weekend:

2008 Paul Lato "Matinee" Pinot Noir – Enjoyed with grilled steaks at Idyllwild over Labor Day weekend. Matinee is Paul’s only Appellation blend, and 2008 was the only year it was offered to the mailing list. Gladly took my 3 offered, and later begged Cynthiafor three more. Medium dark red. Moderately expressive nose. Nice expression of red fruit with strawberry, raspberry and some cranberry tartness. Love Paul’s single-vineyard wines, but at $40 this is an extremely nice Pinot and one I don’t feel I have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy.

2009 Paul Lato “Suerte” Solomon Hills Pinot Noir – Opened for visiting friends on their last day. I’ve spoiled them on some excellent Syrahs over the past year, so thought I would change it up and open a nice Pinot. They didn’t get it. Oh well, the bright side is more for me. I loved it, as I do with all of Paul’s wines. A bit darker in color than the Matinee and purer expression of fruit. Profile more to the black/blue than red fruits, with a bit of spice and even some licorice. Great texture and mouth feel. Excellent.

2009 Dragonette “Seven” Syrah – Enjoyed with friends with grilled steaks at Idyllwild over Labor Day weekend. Only got a 2/3 glass at best, so didn’t get to follow over 3 days as I normally would. Impression was a nice Syrah that is drinking pretty well right now. Blackberry, spice and a bit of floral on the nose, nice Syrah profile of dark fruit, some roasted meat and pepper on the palate. Nice finish and very good overall.

2005 Jonata “La Poesia de Jonata” Pinot Noir – Had a bottle from retail last year that was decent, but not memorable. Picked up a second bottle at auction about the same time. Opened this one with fairly low expectations based on the first bottle and older CT notes indicating a muscular and non-varietal profile. Nice surprise. Surprisingly light in color, beautiful, clear medium-dark red. Raspberry and black cherry on both the nose and palate. Medium bodied and no real sense of heat despite 15.2% alc on the label. Enjoyed the wine and will gladly try again if I can find a good price on the secondary market.

2009 Chanin Bien Nacido Chardonnay – Very light gold/straw color on pop and pour. Nice nose of apple/pear and lemon. Same on palate with a bit of unbuttered popcorn in the background. Nice minerality in the mix as well. Texture was nice and medium body on the refreshing side which fit in nicely with the 12.8% alc profile. Really enjoyed this and look forward to trying more.


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