Sanquis who?

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Sanquis who?

Postby wineguydotcom » Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:09 pm

I got a chance to attend an industry tasting at the Sanquis winery this week. For those who don't know Sanguis, don't be embarrased. It's a small winery--maybe 1500 cases total--located in the industrial zone about a cork's throw from 101. Hardly the romance you might be expecting of a Santa Barbara winery. But the winery is impressive. Clean, minimal, modern.. very hip, as is its owner/winemaker Matthias Pippig. The wines have an elegance that make me feel as if I'm a grownup when I drink them. They have a surprise lurking in them, just around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I like "simple" wines. (not cheap, mass produced wines that are either red or white, but wines that have the typicity of their varietal so you know you're drinking chardonnay, or pinot, or syrah, or whatever. ) but the wines I drink are typically like the primary colors: red, blue, yellow (or RGB,if you're a photographer).. Sanquis wines use a whole different palette. The chardonnay, for example, has a splash of rousanne and viognier. Not a lot. but just when you think you're drinking a nice, oaked, chardonnay--full of flavor and voluptuous on your tongue--a horn honks, interupting your thoughts and you get an image of eating a grilled steak. well, maybe that's not the experience YOU'LL have, but I can assure you that you'll think differently about wine after tasting Sanquis.

Add to that.. or maybe an integral part.. are the labels and names. I believe strongly that it's not just the liquid that makes the wine experience good, it's everything about it. Sanguis gives a complete experience. Maybe more so if you have it at the winery, but I suspect the experience travels well. and you'll be the only kid on the block serving that wine.

The wine is currently sold out. Others have found it as well. But you can put your name in. I think you can make an appt to visit the winery. though they have limited slots, so it's a bit like russian roulette. but I'd give it a try next time you're on your way to SB.

and here's a link to the photos I took of the industry tasting. ... c7bf348627
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Re: Sanquis who?

Postby Steve Anderson » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:03 pm

Thanks for the post! Had a chance to visit the winery for their open house back in March. Definitely a cool facility. Agree that the labels and names contribute to the Sanguis experience. How could you not be tempted to pick up a bottle of "Infidels" on the store shelf at Bristol Farms (where I found one). That was my first Sanguis, and even though I had heard of them I'll admit the name and label played a role in putting the bottle in the cart.

I also like the fact that Matthias goes a little rogue with some of his blends, particularly on the whites. I had to go very light on the recent release due to budget concerns and competing releases, but made sure to grab 2 of the new Out of Line Chards (with Roussanne and Vio), as well as the new Twinkle Rosé. Talk about a blend...Grenache, Syrah, Roussanne, Viognier and Cab Franc. Matthias notes "it smells positively insane". I can imagine, and will have to, until it is delivered next month.

Wasn't able to view the photos, but it may be because I am one of the last 23% of the earth's population that is not on Facebook!


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