Recent Visit to Jaffurs: Full of Surprises

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Recent Visit to Jaffurs: Full of Surprises

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:51 pm

Had tickets to see The Black Keys yesterday and just had to make sure to visit Jaffurs while in town.

Walked in with my uncle and cousin and had the pleasure of tasting alongside Craig Jaffurs and Matt Brady. The lineup is just singing right now. An 09 Thompson syrah was open as well. Man, love this vineyard. Great savory dark earth and smoke with blue fruit.

Craig and Matt opened a recently bottled 2011 Viognier. Primarily Bien Nacido fruit, with a portion of Vogelzang. Instant I stuck my nose in the glass, my eyebrows rose, and "Whoooooa" came out of my mouth. This one is quite different from the 10 in my opinion. Unbelievable floral, stone fruit, and mineral. I didn't detect any RS on this one...just a lean mean, acid, consistent beauty. I had to catch up with the other guys since I couldn't get my nose out of the glass. Simply amazing.

Jaffurs vio is the pinnacle producer for this varietal. Main reason, Craig has a real passion for the the grape. Love when I have the opportunity to taste with a winemaker and get his vision and philosophy. Craig's vio bridges the gab between the old world Condrieu's and Santa Barbara. It's no wonder the vio is always the first one to go in this house...and the bottle most often bought over and over again.

One of the best things about harvest (and bottling as well) is that sometimes, special bottles seem to get popped. During our visit yesterday, somehow stumbled upon an open bottle of a 1998 Jaffurs Stolpman syrah. I tried to hide my excitement but couldn't.

One of those rare occasions where a wine is completely inline. Nose was pure, 100% elegance. Lavender, grilled meat, touch of anise. The mouth was absolutely perfect. Treading a fine line of acid and weight. Consistent with nose with some fresh blue fruit and rocky finish. This was a LaLa made right here in Santa Barbara. I couldn't believe how amazing this wine was. Just shows what Jaffurs wines can do with age. There is a reason I have been locking my bottles away in my offsite locker. The wines are great upon release, but if you can put any kind of age on them, they just take off!

If you haven't visited this winery, YOU MUST (! A standard for Santa Barbara. Thanks for the time fellas!
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Re: Recent Visit to Jaffurs: Full of Surprises

Postby Steve Anderson » Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:02 pm


Sounds like a great visit. Appreciate the preview on the '11 Viognier, as we will definitely be hitting the Jaffurs table at Celebration of Harvest (in 12 short days!). Love the Jaffurs Syrahs, but as you note, the Vio is always special and a cut above the rest of the pack in SB if not all of CA. Great stuff and great people to boot. Will certainly second your recommendation.


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