2012 SBCVA Celebration of Harvest

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2012 SBCVA Celebration of Harvest

Postby Steve Anderson » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:47 pm

Had the opportunity to attend the Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Association “Celebration of Harvest” for the second year. What a great event. Location, wine and food are all fabulous. My post will be much shorter than my 3-part missive from last year, as I did not take notes or photos this time. We had friends with us, so spent a good part of the time guiding them through and chatting about the different wineries, appellations and varietals. And did I mention the food? I have not been to a wine event with better, or more plentiful food. It enhanced the wine experience, but also limited the time for wines as we spent almost as much time in food lines as we did at winery tables. Last year I only made it to 13 of the 100 or so producers. This year it was 16 of 110 producers, with probably about 40 of 300 or so wines tasted. I’m certainly not Richard Jennings, so 40-50 is my typical max for the day.

It was good to see Jim Salvito and Perry there. Ran into them twice during the course of the event. Saw a number of winemakers pouring, but many were understandably missing as this event was in the heart of harvest for most.

Wineries I was able to taste: Ampelos, Blair Fox, Brewer-Clifton, Dragonette, Hilliard Bruce, Huber, Jaffurs, Martian Ranch, Melville, Palmina, Refugio Ranch, Royal Oaks, Sandhi, Sanguis, Silver and Tercero.

Highlights included:

2011 Dragonette Grassini Sauv Blanc – another in a string of terrific SB’s from these guys.
2008/2010 Hilliard Bruce “Moon” Pinot Noir – one of the few wineries pouring from large format bottles. The 08 was from Double Mag and the 10 from Mag. Have had the 08 before and both were stellar.
2010 Jaffurs SB Syrah – very nice for a 2,000 case appellation blend and WOTD for our friends
2011 Palmina Malvasia – “Nose of the Day” as expected. Love Malvasia and nobody does domestic Malvasia better than Palmina
Silver Wines – not sure of the vintages (2008?), but the White Hawk Syrah and the Sangiovese were excellent
2009 Tercero Thompson Syrah – love Thompson vineyard and Larry always nails it (I believe Larry said this was not yet released)
2010 Sanguis Out of Line Chardonnay (with a touch of Viognier and Roussanne). Gorgeous nose and balanced fruit/acidity.
Also enjoyed the Sandhi SB County Chard and Pinot, presumably 2010s

All in all a great day. I certainly recommend this event and will plan on attending again in 2013. I'll also plan on taking notes as I did in 2011, as "winging it" was certainly fun, but not conducive to writing up notes a few days later.


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