Sanguis - *Twinkle and the Dancing Bull

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Sanguis - *Twinkle and the Dancing Bull

Postby Steve Anderson » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:26 pm

Didn’t realize until I started to type, but these two wines represent the oldest and youngest wines in the Sanguis lineup.

2004 Sanguis The Last Dance. 100% Syrah from Watch Hill, Westerly and Thompson vineyards. My second time tasting this wine and confirms my initial “Wow” experience. Popped and poured at a restaurant with friends. Cork broke as the server opened the bottle. Not off to a great start. Another auction bottle so I was concerned about potential storage in the seven years of this wine’s life before it found its way to my cellar. Remainder of cork came out without issue – things were starting to look up. Wine was a bit reticent on the nose on initial pour, but had time to open up in the glass while we waited for our third dinner mate. This wine got better and better with each minute in the glass. Extremely dark color. Nose eventually came around with blackberry, ink and some florals. More blackberry, a hint of meat and maybe some chocolate on a palate that had a gorgeous, layered mouthfeel and finish. Just outstanding, but went too quickly to study over time. I think this goes to show that even though the big Sanguis reds might seem to be a bit of a clumsy bull on release, they can age beautifully. This bull was dancing a nice tango after an hour in the glass.

2011 Sanguis *Twinkle. This is labeled as California Rosé, but Mattias’ note seems to imply that was probably just the closest designation that fit. “A veritable potpourri that started with a little Grenache juice, to which over the course of the next three weeks a bit of Syrah, then a bit of Roussanne, Viognier and finally some Cabernet Franc got added, making for a stainless steel fermentation that lasted nearly 4 months at scarcely 55 F.” Interesting salmon color, leaning slightly toward orange. Just a killer nose. A bit sweet on the palate, this won’t be confused with a dry Tempier, but complex and interesting with a nice finish. Not sure if this was one barrel lot or two, but extremely limited production and glad I have one more to try in a year or two. 14.3% abv


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Re: Sanguis - *Twinkle and the Dancing Bull

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:36 pm

I'm going to start calling you Mr. Sanguis! Man, again, where was my invite?! :)

That "rose" sounds absolutely CRAZY!!

Thanks so much Steve!!!
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