Family Winemakers: Day Two!

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Family Winemakers: Day Two!

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:15 pm

Day Two of Family Winemakers was dedicated to the trade. All the folks, "In the bizz". I was expecting it to be a little more low-key compared to Saturday. But I was wrong. Trade came out in force! At one point, I counted six people deep at the Dragonette table. I had a lot of fun talking wine with local San Diego wine folks, as well as people from Orange County and Los Angeles.

I was able to taste a good amount of wine and actually took some notes. Here we go:


Dave Corey was pouring and it was nice to catch up with him. He had a full array of wines to taste. Everything from chard, to Bordeaux blends.

2009 Core Santa Barbara County Red
Red Rhone blend. Cigar/tobacco, dark spices, with consistent palate that has a chalky red fruit running through it. Reminds me of the wines that got me into Santa Barbara.


It's obvious...I like these wines. I've written about them before (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=120&p=292&hilit=kessler#p292). It was at last year's Family Winemakers event I first met Dan and Ellen. Since that event, I've toured their vineyard, shared a couple meals, and got to know them more. They produce some amazing fruit from their magical vineyard. Acid, minerality, and weight...crazy how these characteristics shine through. I'm excited for them. Couldn't happen to a nicer family. That said, the lineup was singing today.

2010 Kessler-Haak 2A Pinot Noir
Just beautiful red fruit on nose and palate. There was some earthy undertones as well. The acid...lively with that signature mineral.

2009 Kessler-Haak Four Clone Pinot Noir
This one is lush. Mature strawberry with a chalkiness. Man...

2010 Kessler-Haak Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir
Another one with the sexy, lush mouth feel. Darker red fruit. But when you think it is going to be medium to full body weight...BAM! The acid kicks in at end of mid/finish. WHOO-HOO!

2010 Kessler-Haak Pommard Pinot Noir
This is the crowd pleaser. Dan said he had to bottle this by itself. I can see why. Just...YUM! Some nice oak notes, higher toned red fruit brilliance, with a line of chalk and acid. Oh boy.

2010 Kessler-Haak Lafond Syrah
Lafond is on the eastern side of the Santa Rita Hills. Plenty cool for my favorite varietal. The cool climate setting comes through...loam, smoke, darker fruit. A nice long finish. Really liked this one.

Silver Wines

Benjamin had a wine wine that was in my top five of the weekend. Raised the eyebrows of my friend and I.

2008 Silver Wines Trentotto File
This is a syrah/viognier blend from famed vineyard, White Hawk. My goodness. Mushroom loam, some red and blue fruit, pepper, smoke. Man, mouth feel is off the hook. Very good to a syrah freak.

I tasted a bunch of wines, but was very impressed with the wines from my favorite AVA. Can't wait for next year's Family Winemakers! Great job to all those involved!
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