TN 2007 Saxum Broken Stones

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TN 2007 Saxum Broken Stones

Postby sbfireman » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:21 am

Big, full throttle and almost a run away train. Decanted for an hour which I believe was insufficient as the wine changed gears several times over the course of the night to reveal different aspects. Bordering on too hot, it rode just this side of that slippery slope. Very fruit-full, blue fruit, in the glass which did settle. Hard to say if first sip or last was best. Syrah leads the charge but is well supported by the grenache and mourved A tad heat on the finish which over time, lessened. I wonder what 4-7 hours of air time might do. Clearly I am a fan of this style of teeth coating (kinda like little sweaters, right?) big in the glass, take no prisoners wine.
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Re: TN 2007 Saxum Broken Stones

Postby Steve Anderson » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:32 pm

SBF - Love this wine and fortunate to have had it twice this year. Once over two days, and a follow up taste at a recent group event. You are right that this bottle still needs some good air time. Really enjoyed having the opportunity to open one and follow it over two days. It pushes the envelope, but I think it walked on the right side of the balance curve. Loved the texture/mouth feel, fruit and long finish. Really loved it. Have one bottle left to try in another year or two.

Thanks for sharing the note!


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