TN - Saxum, Ledge, SeaSmoke, Nicora, La Fenetre

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TN - Saxum, Ledge, SeaSmoke, Nicora, La Fenetre

Postby sbfireman » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:24 pm

Over two nights the following bottles:

2009 La Fenetre Syrah Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard: The years have been kind here. Lithe and sublime. @MarkLA (CT reference) is spot on. Decanted for 4+ hours gaining amazing depth. Fine effort. 95 points

2010 Nicora Buxom: What a ride! Gained momentum after 4 hours decanted and never stopped looking back. Big and full (kinda like the name - hey you were already thinking it....). Rockin' strong fruit and a lengthy finish. Meat, earth, dark fruit. 96 points

2007 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Southing: Shaped up nicely after a few years slumber. IMHO the bottle age added weight and depth. Cola and cherries and hallmark spice. Worked well with 4 hours in the decanter. 94 points

2010 Ledge Syrah Adams Ranch Vineyard: Hold! I know curiosity will make you dive in and open but if you can wait, do. Very young new world. Classic syrah beginning middle and end! Blue fruit, earthy, tiny trace of barnyard funk (disappeared after some hours). Wonderful, enticing aromas after the second hour in the decanter. I am glad to get a glimpse but this to me, is really the sketch on the palette. It's all there or on the way to being there. Hold 94 points

2009 Saxum Broken Stones: A wise man once told me that Saxum needs at least 5 yrs of sleep before you wake her. He aint kidding! Right at the edge and in a word - too soon! Don't get me wrong. Great complexity. Decanted and first real sip about 3 hours later. Sweet fruit and mad bacon fat and a somewhat odd front of the glass syrupiness. This syrupiness faded at the 5 hour mark or really more smoothed out. Earthiness quality. Lush with a fullness. Easy to get lost in the darkness of the glass. This was a great look into the future - come back when you have the 1.21 jigawatts to get there.... (shameless, I know) 95 points
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Re: TN - Saxum, Ledge, SeaSmoke, Nicora, La Fenetre

Postby Steve Anderson » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:33 pm

Great notes! Love Broken Stones, but have not opened anything older than the 2007 yet. I agree that five years is a bare minimum for opening.

I've heard of Nicora and Ledge, but have not had the opportunity to try their wines. Will keep an eye out.

I really enjoy Le Fenetre Chard and Pinot, but have not had a Syrah from them. Can't explain why, since Syrah/Rhones are my passion. Another wine goes on the BOLO list.


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