2008 Dragonette Cargasacchi-Jalama Pinot Noir

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2008 Dragonette Cargasacchi-Jalama Pinot Noir

Postby Steve Anderson » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:21 pm

Didn’t have an SB wine in the house when Phil opened the board, so had to swing by the offsite and grab something. Closest bottle at hand was the ’08 Dragonette Cargasacchi-Jalama Pinot and what a great pick. Love this wine. I’ve had two great bottles of the ’08 Fiddlestix, but my first time with the C-J. Popped and poured a small taste, then left about four ounces in the glass for about an hour. Color is a beautiful ruby with great clarity – can easily see my hand through the glass. Just love that earthy note on the nose along with red fruit and a hint of citrus/orange. I’d call it light bodied (probably because I drink so much Syrah), with more red fruit on the palate, mostly raspberry/strawberry and another orange note. Smooth easy drinker with a great finish. Can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings. Just love the Dragonette Pinots! Bad news is that CT tells me this was my only C-J. Still have a couple of 08 Fiddlestix along with an 09 HB and 09 Presidio to look forward to.

Additional notes from tech sheet and bottle:
Santa Barbara County, 100 cases, Dijon Clones 114/115, destemmed, aged 18 months in mostly neutral French oak.


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Re: 2008 Dragonette Cargasacchi-Jalama Pinot Noir

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:13 am

STEVE! Thank you for this note!! I had this bottle in my hand last week...put it back. I don't know where that restraint came from!

I LOVE this bottle...and I LOVE Jalama fruit! I wish they would have kept the syrah at that site...some KILLER cool climate stuff.

I didn't realize there was so few of those bottles around. Was at the tasting room last Sunday and I asked James if he has any bottles of this in the back...he laughed at me!
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