Two from Sans Liege

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Two from Sans Liege

Postby Steve Anderson » Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:34 pm

NV (‘08/’09) Sans Liege Prophetess VII/IX (Syrah/Mourvedre)
Took an initial pop & pour taste and then left about 4oz in the glass as Curt’s winemaker notes recommend a two hour decant. Beautiful dark color, not quite opaque, but gorgeous dark garnet while swirling in a large glass. Nose was more full on opening, but needed to be coaxed a bit after a couple of hours. Some blackberry, cherry and olive, as well as a bit of lilac that Curt mentions. On the palate, medium bodied (lighter than I expected) with a nice attack and medium-long finish. Smooth drinking. Some more cherry as well as blueberry and spice. Didn’t get the pancetta and coffee on the finish that Curt describes, but really enjoyed this. Well done!

Additional notes from web site:
Appellation: Santa Barbara County
Vineyards: Santa Barbara Highlands, Los Tres Burros, Laetitia Les Galet
Other: 66% Grenache, 34% Mourvedre. 15.7%, 16-40 months in barrel, 30% new French oak, 18% second fill French oak, 41% neutral French oak. 15% whole cluster, 230 cases.

2009 Les Jeunes Rosé (Grenache/Mourvedre)
Wow. Not in the wow, what a great wine sense…but, wow, what the heck is this? My expectation was for a crisp, dry, great on a hot August day rosé, but this is a different animal. Darker color than most, almost pinot like. Rosé nose with strawberry and cherry. Off to a good start. Then…wth? First sip was between cellar temp/room temp. Sweet and thick on the palate, almost a dessert wine. Wondering what the RS level is on this? Not what I was expecting at all and initially off-putting. After a couple of hours in the glass and about 20 minutes in the fridge I’m getting a different picture. Still not a crisp, dry Rosé but nice strawberry notes and the sweetness has dialed back a bit. Will try this again tomorrow without the pre-conceived notion of what I expect in a Rosé and see what happens. Interesting to check CT and see a score range of 65-94 on this, with most of the 13 scores in the 90’s. Also interesting to see several notes reference “Cough syrup… in a good way”. That was the initial impression I had on first taste due to the thickness and sweetness. Jury out until tomorrow. I’ll also note that the 16.3% alc was not an overt factor.

Additional notes from web site:
Appellation: Santa Barbara County
Vineyards: Santa Barbara Highlands, Alta Colina, Alta Mesa
Other: 74% Grenache, 26% Mourvedre. 16.3% alc, 6 months in neutral French oak, 80% malolactic, 92 cases


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Re: Two from Sans Liege

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:17 pm

Steve...THANK YOU for these notes!! I've been a fan of Curt for a while now. Good stuff and QPR is great.

The Prophetess has some great sources...Santa Barbara Highlands is Dave Corey's project...Tres Burros is now a SQN vineyard...and only SQN (which I'll miss in other labels).

The rose sounds like quite the puzzler...interested to see how it turns out today.

Curt opened up a tasting room in Pismo Beach...which I was a bit closer to that! I'd love to visit and talk wines with him. I've gotta try some more of his stuff.
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