2004 Sanguis The Last Dance

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2004 Sanguis The Last Dance

Postby Steve Anderson » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:19 pm

Signed up for the Sanguis mailing list about 18 months ago based on word of mouth and board feedback. Ironically, I signed up at the same time I started drastically cutting back on my purchases and have not purchased a bottle direct from the winery. Picked up a bottle of 2006 Infidels Syrah/Cab/Grenache blend on sale at Bristol Farms about a year ago. Enjoyed it, but not blown away for the cost. Recently picked up several 04/05's at auction for a very good price. Cracked a 2004 The Wedding Syrah last month and ehhh...not impressed. Didn't post a note since it was an auction bottle - don't know how it was stored and have not had a pristine bottle to compare it to know if that was how it was supposed to taste.

Which brings me to...2004 The Last Dance Syrah. Wow. This is what I had imagined a Sanguis red would be. Extremely dark in the glass. Nice but subtle aromas of blueberry with some florals, ink and graphite. On the palate, extremely smooth with more dark fruits, leather, some chocolate, and a bit of toasty oak. The finish is long and layered. Really, really enjoyed this. Labeled as California Syrah, with various reviewer notes indicating 100% Syrah from Westerly, Watch Hill and Thompson vineyards, kept in 80% new oak for 22 months. I've enjoyed the two Sanguis whites I've had, but this bottle gave me hope to continue to keep the reds on my radar if I can find them at good prices.


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