2010 La Cosecha Grenache Blanc

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2010 La Cosecha Grenache Blanc

Postby Steve Anderson » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:02 pm

I've really started enjoying white wines again the past year or so, but I'll have to be honest - Grenache Blanc has not been in my wheel house. I've had great Viogniers, Rieslings, Chards and even Marsanne, but Grenache Blanc just didn't do it for me. So why did I buy this? I've had two of Chris and Deeana King's Reds, the 2006 Rey Grenache and 2007 Rey Syrah and both really impressed me, particularly for $18. It's obvious Chris takes pride in his work, as you don't often find extended barrel age (30 months), waxed dipped bottles at that price point, and this for the "second" label to their De Su Propia Cosecha wines.

Popped and poured and was not immediately impressed. Some CO2 and a bit of yeast/bread greeted my initial taste. Fortunately both blew off quickly. This wine developed over time and was best for me on nights two and three. The nose was a bit reticent but hinted at florals, peach and melon. On the palate, the flavors were more in play with more peach, lemon and a bit of honey. I'd call this medium to full bodied for a white, with a strong, medium-long finish. Will probably do best with a little more time in bottle. Speaking of the bottle, a nice one with raised letter paint rather than paper label, and dipped in a light wax. Again, not what you'd expect at this price point. All-in-all I enjoyed this wine and will probably relook at Grenache Blanc. Definitely worth trying. I'd also highly recommend the two Rey reds mentioned above and look forward to trying their De Su Propia reds as well.

Santa Barbara County, 14.9% abv


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Re: 2010 La Cosecha Grenache Blanc

Postby Phil_Carpenter » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:59 pm

WOW!! Nice Steve!! I haven't had these wines in a while and didn't know they made a GB!! Website doesn't have it listed!! I'll have to try to get my hand on them!!
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