Santa Ynez Wine Collector's Week

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Santa Ynez Wine Collector's Week

Postby wineguydotcom » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:59 am

This is the second week of "wine collectors week" in Santa Ynez.. yeah, doesn't make sense to me, either, that we can be in the second week when it is only a week.. but...

Looks like if you are really into collecting.. e.g. verticals.. this might be a good one to check out. Brewer-Clifton, for example, has an interesting one and would give you a chance to check out their relatively new winery location in the industrial part of North Lompoc. (no more or less beautiful than the "ghetto" but a bigger building.) Transcendence is next door, so you could drop by there, too. though check ahead; they have limited hours. both wineries are at the top of any list.

Other wineries have similar tastings--including the Clifton of B-C with his Palmina brand in the ghetto. and there are some tours (Terravant has one, for example. Not a big fan of Terravant but they have a HUGE state of the art winery and it would be fun to see if you haven't been in there. And it's relatively hard to get in. I've been turned down several times, though have piggy backed with winemakers other times so have seen/photographed it) also a few winemaker dinners.

worth checking out:

Full info at their website: ... orsweek/64
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